I know that I was born, and I know that I'll die. But the in between is ours …

Hello Dubai!+

Hello Dubai! Hello Cayan Tower! Hello 48th floor! 😀 After (just) 42 nights, 5 hotels and living out of 2...

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Call for UX Freelance Designers (Düsseldorf)+

Looking for up to 5 new freelance designers to join our UX team at Vodafone Germany.

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PaperPulse: An Integrated Approach for Embedding Electronics in Paper Designs+

PaperPulse is like Photoshop for Interactive Paper

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Drone Aviary (Superflux 2015)+

We, our objects, our movement and actions, even our reactions all become part of a pervasive, omnipresent data based hyper...

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Water is life+

Years ago, while sick and enduring hospital treatments. I spend months in a row without being able to properly bath...

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