Now it seems it was so long ago… well, now that i think about it, was indeed a long time ago… i don’t even remmeber when was the last time i wrote on my weblog…

So this can be very well, the most important day on this weblog, THE DAY when it all begins!

On the next days i will try to ge used to this so i’ll take some time to let u all know who am I and what made me decide that i wanted a weblog.

I’ll start by explaing very brefly who am I.

PeCus it was my university nickname, probably because i used it as a login on the campus computers and, well i was born on the morning ot the 30 of july of 1976, and that means that i’m (at least for now) only 26. I finishing my studies as a Computer Engineer and i’m currently working as a programmer on the Portuguese ATM system.