The net…

One Friday morning, national holiday…

Looking at the see I wonder when was I going to start writing this blog again? In fact, what I mean is when I am going to wake up this blog, giving him life again. Restarting would mean that I finally managed to resist the inertia that came over me, which I can’t explain nor can I understand the reason why it made me stop updating it…

The reality is most times strange, and in the most common cases we don’t understand why so normal and regular task are so important to us. How came some things w do mean so much about ourselves, and how much they influence our personality.

By now some of you might not understand where I am going with this, so as a hint, try to figure yourselves working everyday on a place where you were restricted to email, no web, no nothing. Scary, at first maybe not, until you realize how much u depend yourself from what you get from the net.

Well, I just realized it, and by now it’s starting to get real uncomfortable. One cannot be indifferent these days, not when you’ve experienced working, dating, living and most important feeling with the net. The experience is overwhelming, and no one stays equal to it. Everyone evolve with it. In the net Iíve started so many new friendships, grow so many others, I even lost some with it, but I guess it’s just like the real world.

To me, the Net it’s a space, some tool, like so many like to classify it with some new term, some new social meaning, to me it has became a place where I can express my self, a place where I can remember so many things, to learn so much.

That’s why I realized that from now on, nothing can stay the way it has bean for the last months and I cannot run away from the need, I cannot run away from myself. If it’s the need to express my self, I don’t know, it’s something, and from there Iíll just restart this blog today!

To the friends that made me come back:
Andrť and Beatriz.