Wednesday, was Patricia’s birthday, at the evening we had a small party with some friends and family. Unfortunately only yesterday Patricia appear to be getting any better, so although she like the party she could enjoy it like she would if she wasn’t sick.

On Tuesday afternoon we went to a Orthopedic Doctor, because Patricia wasn’t getting any better. It was the best thing we could do! With some simple advices Patricia is already show signs of relief, and getting better every hour.. Thank you GOD, because was already getting tired of cooking! 🙂

Yesterday, I had lunch with André and Beatriz, it was a last minute arrangement so we had to lunch near my office, we went to the Mayflower, it a tiny restaurant on top of a building near by… At the Office we are now four in the same room and I finally complete the service I was developing for the ATM. Monday it’s testing day! 🙂

André and I are already working in our joint-blog, and soon, soon, it will be online. We still haven’t decided what will be the name, but we had some devil ideas about it, so far we decided for a temporary name, which I cannot say right now. 🙂