It’s seems that the organization for this year “What the hack!” is in trouble, they just received an inspiring letter from the Mayor of Boxtel (the town that was supposed to receive the event), stating that it will not issue the license for the event with fear that the event will “endanger law and order as well as public safety”. The organization just released a press release, but the here’s a fairly literal translation of the letter they just received:

Dear Sir, Madam,

I have received word that you intend to organize an event “What The Hack” from July 28th 2005 through July 31st 2005 on Landgoed Velder in Liempde.

In order to organize such an event, you will need to obtain a permit ex art. 2.2.2. of Boxtel local ordinance 2004.

In light of the fact that there is grave fear that this event will endanger law and order as well as public safety, I, in my capacity as an authorized official, am herewith informing you that I will not issue such a permit.

A copy of this letter will be sent to the owners of the Landgoed Velder estate.

I assume that I have sufficiently informed you.

Yours truly,
J.A.M. van Homelen

When I attended to HAL 2001 I was surprised for the excellent organization the event had, and I personally don’t recall that there were any incident there. Well it’s to soon to make anything, but nevertheless it would be a shame if the event didn’t happen because of this. It’s one of those situations where one can shout: “What the HACK!”