Since the list of blogs I read on a daily basis is getting bigger and bigger, I decided some months ago to subscribe them via RSS, to keep updated with all the new posts.

It has happened to me, while reading some of the posts that I really would love to comment, but that implies clicking on the news-reader, opening the page, sometimes even click on the comments links, and only then I’m able to post my comment, I must confess I have kind of small short term memory, so by the time I get to the comment form, I already forgot about what I wanted to say!

Today I just noticed that Russel’s feed included a nice HTML form in the bottom of every feed entry:


Hey, that’s an interesting idea! So I decided to give it a try and put to work the same concept here on Centopeia.

Since this blog is powered by wordpress right now, rss feed are built by the following script files, depending on the type of the feed:

  • atom.php: Produces Atom syndication output.
  • wp-rdf.php: Produces RDF syndication output.
  • wp-rss.php: Produces RSS syndication output.
  • wp-rss2.php: Produces RSS2 syndication output.

So i decided to give it a try, starting from the RSS2 syndication. A carefull look at the code and I determined the place where the new form should go in:


    <![CDATA[<?php the_excerpt_rss() ?>]]>
    <?php include(‘rsscommentform.php’); ?>


and included a call to “rsscommentform.php“, which has the html code necessary to produce something like:

Comment this post:


Valid RSSat the bottom of every feed entry. Everything seemed to work fine, at least according to FeedValidator the rss feed is ok!

UPDATE: I’ve just removed the form from the rss2 feed, I’m having trouble configuring it with the WordPress comment engine, so that people might comment comming from their favorite newsreader. Some how the comments don’t get posted…