Reboot 7.0I’ve talked about it on the past in my personal blog (pt), but since this blog is new and it’s almost time, for the next 6 days I’ll be writing about my trip to copenhagen and in particular in my participation at Reboot 7.0 conference.

Tomorrow morning I’ll take some rest from the high temperatures in Lisbon (33ºC) and travel to Copenhagen where I’ll be for next days attending two important events: Reboot 7.0 Conference and Bulding of Basecamp Workshop (actually in the opposite order since Basecamp will be occurring first, on thursday, and Reboot 7.0 Conference from Friday to Sunday!).

I’m counting on updating this blog frequently, from there with all the juicy stuff I can pick up! Even some live blogging if possible! One of my first ideas was to record in audio some of the presentations (normally for future reference!) but I still don’t know: 1. If I’m allowed and 2. If the organization is going to provide that already, haven’t check! But it would be rather nice to have all those audio stuff to digest for the next months.

Nevertheless there will be so much information to share and of course, there’s always those parallel conversations that happen and for which I’ll want to write about! André and Melo will probably have a lot to say on their blogs too, so do check them out!

Here’s my initial travel plan:

  • Tuesday: off to copenhagen, traveling by TAP from Lisbon to Copenhagen (9:25am). Sightseeing downtown copenhagen! The guide I ordered from Amazon, hasn’t arrived yet! Bummer!
    We’ll be staying for this extra night with André and Beatriz at the CAB INN City.
  • Wednesday: Checking in Opera for the rest of the days, we’ll be our second sightseeing day in Copenhagen.
  • Thursdays: It’s “Building of Basecamp Worksop” day, and at night, as Nicole suggested, we’ll be at the Pre-Reboot meetup!
  • Friday: Reboot’s first day, here’s the program.
  • Saturday: Reboot’s second day.
  • Sunday: Probably breakfast with some of the folks, followed by a brunch at a harbour place, as suggested in the Sunday Meetup. Some last minute souvenir shopping and off to Lisbon by dinner time.