CopenhagenWell, I’m writing this post, seated on a very nice and comfortable lounge at the Cabin-Inn City in Copenhagen, besides being comfortably seated, the net is free, and that my friends, is half way for me to be happy!

We landed in the Copenhagen Airport right after lunch, and travelled by train to the city center. The weather here is nice (no rain). We’ve checked in at the Cab-Inn, and as soon as we got ride of our bags, we just headed for a walk. We soon discover that we were near the center than we originally thought, which adds another extra points! According to the map, we covered a large part of downtown Copenhagen, and from the pictures I took and places we visited and made some initial thoughts about this nordic pearl:

  • It’s and incredibly calm and silence city!
  • It’s a clean city and has great examples on how to mix and combine different trends in architecture, allowing the more older buildings to live side-by-side with the latest architects dream!
  • As some very nice and well preserved gardens, we’ve visited one, where I took some photos, where we found a bunch of teenagers having a nice picnic at the end of the afternoon, very nice, indeed!
  • It’s a bike powered city, if they had an extra car for every person we see on a bike, they had lisbon! For this, Copenhagen has became one of those cities where I feel “I could really live here!”

These are my initial feelings about the first moments here, and I must confess that I’ve written them with my legs hurting and incredibly tired at the moment, so I’ll probably just leave the blogging for tomorrow morning!

I’ve also set up a batch (all photos, without selection or edition) photo album here, where I’ll put the pictures I’ll take during the next days here, check them out!