subethaedit.jpgI’ve just attended the “Building of Basecamp” workshop, by 37signals, and after writing about it, I had to write about SubEthaEdit, specially the results of having 5 guys with a mac with this little program.

Just the day before Melo had been talking to me, that it would be a nice idea to use SubEthaEdit to take notes together (this little application allows people to edit simultaneous, in a real-time environment, one same document, writing down you made which changes, read more about it on it’s site here).

editors.jpgWhen we got the conference we were just about to start when we realized that a guy, named Nathanael Obermayer already had the same idea, so we just joined his shared document! Super! Me, André and Melo started taking down notes all-together. By the time the coffee-break happened Magnus Rembold joined us, making us a team of five taking down notes about the workshop. It was a memorable experience, with an incredible result: a 1300 lines document with all the notes you can imagine about this workshop. One incredible thing was that when the guys put up a new slide, it would take more than a couple of seconds to have it all.

Just to get an idea about what I’m talking about, the final result are a bunch of lines that looks like this:

the colors show who wrote it, so as you can see this simple paragraph was written for 3 different persons, each completing eachother.

We just agreed no to share the document, since it’s so rich about what happened there, it wouldn’t be correct for the guys at 37signals. Never the less, it was an incredibly experience in collaborative working, and I looking forward to see it working during Reboot.