BasecampI just arrived from the “Building of Basecamp” Workshop, and I should probably write something down about it, but time is short so I’ll just keep for the immediate thoughts, and based on a super document made during the workshop, I’ll talk more in detail later on.

I really liked the workshop in general, there wasn’t that much new to me unfortunately, but at least I got to do a checkpoint on some ideas I already had and of course hearing some stuff on the first person is always great, and on this matter Jason, David and Ryan did it really well. The workshop covered several topics of the process of designing, creating and deploying the Basecamp Project Manager web application, so it was like a day to get to know the thing from it’s very first steps all the way to becoming what it is today.

The topics the workshop covered were:

  • Introduction
  • The small picture
  • How did we start
  • From ideas to features
  • From features to screens
  • From screens to programming
  • From programming to user testing
  • On to promotion and launch
  • But launch is just the beginning
  • Moral support
  • Our mistakes

but about them I talk later in detail, for now it’s all the time I have! 🙁