Well, day one of Reboot is over, and it has been a hell of a day!

I almost dare to say that it was a bit too much information for my brain to store in just one day! So many ideas, tons of conversations going on, meeting all that new and interesting people, but at the same time, such a short time to do everything.

So just follow to the next page for the resume on reboot’s first day.

NOTE: With the help of the same guys as yesterday, and a couple of new ones, we managed to have almost all of the participants comments online right after the presentations, again only possible thanks to the guys of CodingMonkeys and in particular their application: Subethaedit. Impressive to say the least! All the effort from the writers have been well rewarded by fellow participants, some of them even managed to get a name for our team: “SubEthaEditors“. I could stop comparing the thing has having a bunch of guys literally knitting words and phrases all together to end up with a nice and mostly coherent document.

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