Well, I just arrived Lisbon, after an incredible flight! When we went to Copenhagen for Reboot, the trip was nice, but boring, the company had only got us business class tickets so there was no major action there! Our return flight was on economic class, which ended up being much more business class than the so called business class! We seated next to Vinod, an Indian guy living in Hong Kong and traveling throughout Europe, trying to promote is exporting business (he actually only export china’s products, but a all range of them! So if anybody interested drop me a line, we have is contacts!).

Sure feels go to be back home, to be with Patrícia again, it’s pretty incredible how much we miss the people we love, even when it’s just for a few days!

About Reboot? Well, to me was actually pretty amazing event, much, much more interesting that I thought at the very beginning, during the next days, I’ll complete my first day resumé, and post the remaining notes I have, for now I must regain energy and recover all the lost sleep! 😉