podcast.jpgApple just release a new version of iTunes, with PodCasting support!
It’s true that I just arrived to iPod Planet, but I must share with you the most interesting moments with my new gadget:

– First PodCast on the Road, in this case on the train: “Lawrence Lessig: Mix Me

– My grandfather singing and dancing to the sound of an iPod! What a unique moment! Pity i didn’t have my camera with me, what memorable moment!

And now, with Apple support to Podcasting, I’m pretty sure that the radio as with now it, is sure to be dead, imagine being able to listen to you favorite program, not only saving it, but also listen to it over and over, and where ever and when ever you want! Well, it’s already a reality, the Podcasting reality!

Here’s a list of some of the podcast sources I normally listen: