Don’t know if they (Google) have already thought of it, but on the other day while browsing trough their maps I realized there’s a new business opportunity opened by their satellites images:

Roof Advertising

For instance while seeing the satellite images around my place, I noticed some pretty big structures (super malls, markets, empty parking lots, etc.) with pure white roofs! Well, when you look at those white spaces in the images, one thing crossed my mind: BLANK MEDIA!

One problem raised, google images aren’t refresh every day, so how could one guarantee the normal proceedings for the normal advertising business: the refresh rate of the advertising? Well, that might pose a problem for me, but not for Google, since they control the refresh rate of those satellite images, whenever someone’s updates their roof they could ask (pay!) for their images refreshment, right?

One funny thing about this, is that in Portugal for instance you probably don’t have to pay any particular tax for roof advertising! 😉