Well, you’ll have to admit, sooner than later video blogguing will became mainstream! Just imagine if an image speaks for a thousand words, think what can a video (with sound) achieve!

Starting today, I’ll start publishing as regular as I manage tiny bits of video from my daily dwellings. I’ll try to capture the essence of my daily experiences in little pieces of video, edited of course, I don’t want people looking at endless recordings of nothing!

So to start this new project, I’ve just released a small video I recorded while on the train that crosses the (pt) river here in Lisbon, which I from time to time take on my way home town, Setúbal.

I’ve had some trouble finding a way to store the videos online, and even without getting a super quality end result, DailyMotion seems to be a great choice regarding video sharing online, but I’ll write down a bit more on that on my next post.