YAPC::EUFor those you might haven’t noticed, this year European YAPC is happening in Braga, Portugal and I just received an email from the organizers stating that Larry Wall, Perl‘s author is already in Portugal! This sounds to me light an important ingredient for an important YAPC! I’ve been in YAPC::EU in Amesterdam, together with ZéNuno, and it was excellent, but Larry was missing for some personal problem, and things weren’t the same. So I have big expectations for this years YAPC::EU. Let’s wait and see!

I’m going to try to record some podcasts of the presentations there: 1º if I’m allowed, and 2º If i managed to have time. I would also like to steal some might words from Larry itself, hehehe but I’ll make my day just by meeting him. After all Perl just safed my day too many times! 😉