We arrived Braga yesterday, after a 4 hour drive from Lisbon, fortunally all went well, well almost everything, at some point we were suposed to stop at Mealhada for having dinner, but by the time the highway way out came up we as driving at high speed on the left lane, so we had to stop a bit up north at Aveiro for dinner.

I’ve been finisihing my presentation for this afternoon up until late, so I didn’t get much sleep. Which might explain why I have forgotten part of the recording stuff back at the hotel, so i’ll have to manage a way and time to get back there sometime over the morning, or no podcasts at all!

José opened the YAPC::EU, we was my colleague at log, and ever since a friend, I must tell you he is indeed one of the most funny presenters I’ve met, and he doesn’t leave that to any other else, he just presented us with the most funny openning session I’ve attended for quite sometime.

Larry Wall is speaking at this precise momment. My first impression (since it’s my first time listenning to him live) is much more richer than I might already expect! He’s covering some of perl’s communty aspects, and the second part of the presentation being a bit more technical, talking a bit about the development of the future release of Perl.