the past 65 days this project has been continually on my mind, even when I was a sleep, finally yesterday, after a minor gap, was finally launched:

It’s has born from one man wish: he wanted a portuguese flickr so he arranged a team for the challenge to put up the system up and running as fast as possible! It’s not flickr, nor it aims to be, for now it’s like the 37signals approach that André quoted on one of his posts about this project, settle for an half product than for the full half ass product.

The goal was to have the system up and running as fast as possible, having some of the funcionalities one finds in similiar services, starting from a large set of features we decided internally which our be critical for beta launch day, which could wait for the following updates. If there’s a lesson to be learned from previous web launchs is that you should do as much as possible to keep up the momentum, meaning that you should make all that’s necessary to keep people talking about it! I still remember the buss around Gmail inviations for instance, or Backpack for that matter. Keeping the momentum isn’t as easy as one might think, but a good lesson to learn is that by keeping a continum flow of new developments helps keeping people motivated, so that will be our goal. In the next few weeks, months those who are using the system will see just that, a continum improvement of what the system is capable.

For the short development road map we had we had some options, and following an ever more present guide line here at SAPO we wanted to go for an open-source based system, there were several options, but in the end fotobilder was the chosen system to build upon. Starting from it’s source, we had to develop some extra features we considered crucial (for instance tagging system and the email gateway processing). One important, and rather time consuming task, as the one taken for the localization of the platform, and here I must tell you that André and Cláudia had a major role, not only in the design but also in “convincing” some of the team members about some of the more tradition breaking aspects of this particular SAPO service.

If I’m allowd to raise the curtain a little about what the service will have in the next few days, I can only state that we were particulary focused on multi-platform access and open standards, and I can’t say much more! 🙂

The hype will continue! Meaning that more will follow soon… for now and for those who haven’t seen the service yet, I’ve taken some general screenshots of the service.

Fotos Homepage

Everyone’s Tags

Private Area

Upload form

Albuns Page

Viewing an album


My tags

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