LIFT06 | Life, Ideas, Futures. TogetherLIFTis finally here for the public to see! It will be held at the Geneva (as the organizers put it: “the place where the web was born”!:)), more precisely at the International Conference Center and is organized around five major topics, or tracks:

Big ideas » From co-creation to citizen journalism via the copyright-less economy, technology and communications are changing the rules. Big ideas are those that concern us all.

Design » Design is about making people’s life better. We’ve invited designers from across the spectrum of design, from strategy to pixels, from screens to devices, from business structures to experiences.

Emerging technologies
» From RFID (these identification chips embedded in all objects) to nano tech, we are going to discuss technologies that are just starting to impact our world. Folks from the labs are going to take off their white coats and tell us what’s coming.

Global Solidarity » Geneva is not only the place that saw the web come to life. It is also a major humanitarian center of excellence with hundreds of organizations having their headquarters around the lake. We invited speakers representing this constantly evolving field, in which solutions to complex problems don’t merely improve lives, but save them.

Internet » Last but not least, the spine of all the above. It gave many of us our careers, our passions, and it sustains much of our daily life. We’re inviting speakers who are pushing the evolving definition of what the Internet is and can be.

Here’s some of the big names speaking at LIFT:

Cory Doctorow (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Robert Scoble (Microsoft), Euan Semple (BBC), Xavier Comtesse (Avenir Suisse), Régine Debatty (WMMNA), Jeffrey Huang (Harvard), Matt Jones (Nokia), Chris Lawer (OMC Group), Hughes Mac Leod (Gapingvoid), David Galipeau (UNAIDS), Aymeric Sallin (Nano Dimension), Paul Oberson (DIP) and Jean-Luc Raymond (Microsoft).

I met Laurent, one of the organizers at Reboot 7.0 in Copenhagen last june, so if reboot was the actual reboot for something new, LIFT might just be the operating system of what’s to come, better take a look, don’t you think?