Google has already achieved a top position on the search engines and world information indexation, now they want to repeat the same, but this time, looking at the sctrutured information we publish everyday on the web:

Google Base

Their imediate main target is probably the classified advertissing business, Craigslist, eBay, Loquo (now part of Kijiji) and others alike, have all good reasons to worry about, but that’s nothing when compared to Newspapers that had on this type of service a good share of their revenue and were already trying to fight those new players on the market.

But if you look at Google Base with a long term prespective, and thinking about the so called Semantic Web, the future of information will be structured! All the information we publish will be sooner or later publish in a common, largelly adopted structured format, allowing others to search and use this format to build on top of it, new applications and websites, proving a even greater value to the information, that otherwise would be almost “hidden” to everyday internet user. Google Base is just the first one of such applications, more will follow for sure..

On this subject I recommend paying some attention to two important projects that are helping to give some structure to today’s web: Microformats and Structure Blogging, differente approaches, same concept.