Some days ago, I gave a short presentation at an Usability Seminar here in Lisbon, I hadn’t much time as I would have liked to prepare the presentation, and as always I even run into last minute problems with the keynote to powerpoint conversion. Even so, the presentation was about something I personally call “Content Usability“, which basically evolves around some of the issues and guidelines that all of us should consider when publishing content on the web. The all presentation was based on a very simple thought: content = value! So what can we do. and should do to achieve the highest value for our contents?

The rules and guidelines I’ve presented, are more or less a personal compilation of heuristics and principals collected along my experience using different content managers, not only as producer (of contents) but also from my experience on the other side of the wall: as content manager system’s administrator and webmaster on different project and websites.

So if you’re interested on reading it or simply on this matters, do take some time to read it, and send me your feedback, the presentation is available in PDF as well as Quicktime Movies, portuguese (original version) or english (roughly translated).