We trade emails since Reboot about LIFT, nevertheless I still had some questions I’ve been wanted to ask him, so I decided to put it in a small interview and posting its answers here. Laurent as usual had all the answers:

How did LIFT started? Who’s idea was?
It was one crazy idea I had when I attended Reboot 7.0, the cool danish conference organized by Thomas Madsen-Mydgal. It was a wake-up call: I realized how much things were about to change, and this time for good. I quickly thought I had to raise awareness on all these new ideas, and connect people together. I am sure Europe contains as much talent and energy as other parts of the world, it is just that we miss occasions to connect and share together.

What’s the main idea or motto behind LIFT?
Life, Ideas, Futures. Together! I can’t say it better than that. The main idea is that, want it or not, technology is changing the way we all live and work. We want to share and understand these changes to better prepare for the future.

Who are the organizers?
A bunch of young, dynamic and international guys working under the guidance of some wise gurus. More details here: Organizers page

In your opinion how’s LIFT going to be different from other conferences? Reboot?
Open, interactive, and non-profit, LIFT will focus an original combination of themes: Internet, Design, Global Solidarity, Emerging Technologies and Big Ideas. We assembled a unique panel of people to jump start discussions. But beyond that, I am convinced it is the people who will make the conference different.

Who would you like to see going to LIFT?
Those who want to be active in the construction of the future, that want to challenge the existing business models and established organizations. There is a revolution going on, if you want to be part of it you should be with us.

Who choose the speakers, and what ideas did you have on building that list?
Our idea was to find themes that concern and interest us all, and select four or five key people in each field to ignite debate and exchanges. Each choice is motivated by particular and personal reasons. I want to point that contrary to other conferences, we invite people, not themes. We chose someone, tell this person “we are interested in what you do” and then he/she can talk about whatever he/she thinks is worth sharing with our audience.

Why Geneva?
Because this is the city where Tim Berners-Lee booted the first web server 16 years ago. And it is at the heart of Europe, well connected to all major cities via a great international airport. Geneva is also a beautiful city (#1 for quality of life in a recent survey) and 45 minutes away from ski!

Why now?
We wanted to put LIFT on the other side of the usual conference calendar, and as it opens the possibility for ski it makes a lot of sense. Robert Scoble on skis, only possible at LIFT!

Why should I really go!
You want to meet people who share your passions.
You suspect that somebody, somewhere is exploring amazing things that you know nothing about.
You attend conferences in your increasingly narrow field but crave for input from farther away.
You are getting bored, you are losing your edge, you need a kick in the ass.
You like mountains and snow.

All the best!

LIFT06 | Life, Ideas, Futures. Together
2006 LIFT Conference
Life, Ideas, Futures. Together.
2-3 February 2006
International Conference Center
Geneva, Switzerland