Director ScreenshotLately I’ve became quite a fan of, just a little more since Ant贸nio showed me a prototype of an Ajax Interface alternative to the one provides by default, it’s called Director, and besides being a super cool usage of Ajax technology it does raises the user experience, even using it becames as simple as selecting a bookmark!

Note: For those of you who (still) don’t know, keep reading for a brief, and personal explanation about it.. is a social bookmarking service. Social as in: allowing you to share your bookmarks organized by tags. It also allows you to search other users bookmarks.

The results can be quite excellent, simply put when we search in Google for a specific term(word, tag, etc..), one normally gets a (huge) list with links to pages that might (or might not) contain such term, and although Google results can be quite accurate, when you make the same search on, you end up getting links to pages, this links represent bookmarks from other users, which they “marked” as having something to do with your query, typically with a particular term, or tag.

The returning results tend to be (in my humble opinion) more valuable than a simple search on most search engines. I believe it as to do with the human factor that you get from someone (as in human) actually related a page with a tag or multiple tags, giving me some extra value for this link, since this relation might not come from the simple analysis of this page content, or referring links.

Give it a try! 馃檪