Bricolage CMSBricolage, the perl open-source content management system we use at SAPO for boosting up some of our sites (like it’sHomepage, the help/support site, two major national newspapers:DN and JN, etc.) have reached an important stage with a new version just released today! As you can attest by reading the offical announcement, there were a lot of improvements and house cleaning, To me, as bricolage system administrator and developer they are a few, very important ones, I would like to summarize here…

  • A revamped user interface: the old interface had major usability problems, so it’s in my opinion one of the most important developments. The new user interface, is XHTML compliant and now fully supports CSS styling, it now uses much more screen area than the older interface base on tables. The new interface is also powered by javascript, allowing some functions to be made using Ajax technology and allowing for instance the edition of documents without reloads.
  • Bricolage, now supports PHP templating, thanks to the PHP::Interpreter, that allows you to use the PHP5 interpreter from within the Perl interpreter, giving developers easy access between them. This feature was made possible thanks to the support given by SAPO on this development as an open-source sponsor.
  • LDAP Authentication is now support, but most important is that to allow LDAP, Bricolage now supports a pluggable authentication allowing it’s developers to built and use they’re preferred authentication methods.

Seems also, an unfortunately for me (heheh) that there was also room left for some normalization, so some of the names changed, but I actually think might pay the effort of converting our templates and scripts, since the old namespace used had lots of tricky things and could became quite confusing at some point.

Well for all the effort, congrats David of this successful release! 🙂