LIFT06 | Life, Ideas, Futures. TogetherAfter one night of good sleep, recovering from the yesterday’s night without sleep for the launch of the new release of SAPO@fotos, I’m preparing myself to join LIFT at Geneva tomorrow.

The conference will be about digital life’s, ideas and what we can do to get them together! I hope I can see some bright ideas sprouting out from more and more european conferences like this one, wouldn’t it be nice to get an european map similar to this US web2.0 map. It will most certainly be an excellent conference, lots of interesting topics, but since we all have hidden agendas, here are some of the things that got into mine:

  • See and hear what Jean-Luc Raymond and Paul Oberson have to say about the digital divide, and it’s use in humanitarian causes. One think that frightens me about the future is if as a whole will be able to really have a “technology for everyone” society!
  • Ask Bruce Sterling, to sign my “Artificial Kid” copy. A rather nice story about a kid, who in my opinion, don’t really know if he shares it or nor, films himself during combats to release as small entertainment episodes, kind of a mobloging thing.
  • Be able to see Thomas again and watch his presentation, Thomas is the man behind the Reboot Conference.
  • Check the Gap In Void author, Hugh Macleod presentation about global branding (I just love his business cards, don’t you?)
  • Check what do girls think about technologies, and their improvements in their life’s, in particular listening the top-model and blogger Anina, also the known face of 360º Fashion
  • Be able to meet some old friends, like Laurent (LIFT organizer) and Henriette
  • Get to do some sightseeing with Patrícia in Genebra, in particular the UN and Red Cross international museums! It has been quite sometime since we traveled abroad together, so I’ll enjoy every minute of it!

I’ll try to make some live blogging so wish me a good and safe return! 😉