All this hype, and all we got was a MacMini Intel based and and iPod Hi-Fi. It’s true that they’re important products forthe majority of mac consumers, and that the mini has been more or less sprouting everywere. Now with the Front Row integration I hope I’ll see it over my TV soon enough:

MacMini Intel based

The iPod Hi-Fi  I find it however, well how should I put it a bit more or less useful, what’s supposed for us to do with our state of the art Hi-Fi systems? Ok, it’s probably for those who don’t have them yet, sure… but that box for as much as it might do, it won’t be a replacement for a nice HiFi system, right?

iPod Hi-Fi

I might sound a bit unsatisfied, but I’m really missing having a tablet like mac! So Jobs, please do hurry up, ok?