After attending to Reboot last year and LIFT earlier this year, I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re indeed experiencing and living important times regarding our relation with technology, in particular the so called emerging technologies. Never before we’ve had access to so much technology in our lifes, regardless of that, we know nothing or very little about it’s side effects in our lifes, our habits and the way we relate to each other, about the problems it solves and the problems it creates for the Future. Doubts like if all these new technologies won’t create an even bigger separation between those who have access to it, from those who don’t.

Thinking in all these questions and certainties I’ve decided, together with a group of friends to organize a conference in Lisbon, a space for an open conversation. Being an international conference, the conference will host people from all around the world, since one thing this new technologies bring to us, is a sense of proximity.

SHIFT - Social and Human Ideas For Technology

We named the result of this ideas and intentions, SHiFT meaning Social and Human Ideas For Technology, and we hope it might create a central point for discussion of technology and it’s role in society, whether the portuguese one or this new born global society we’re talking about. SHiFT means essentially change, the idea that we’re experiencing new developments every day as a society thru the use of technology. SHiFT for the principle that we don’t have clear yet, what will this changes be, but we’re assure that we’re changing. A special desire for a SHiFT in the Portuguese society, that we want more and more technological. SHiFT for a more human approach to technology…

SHiFT aims to be simultaneous a celebration of technology and a gathering for people from different backgrounds with different experiences, working and living with this new emerging technologies. The main subjects for this year edition will be: People and Technology, Knowledge , New Forms of Economics, Blogs and Citizen Participation and last but not least, Liberty and Privacy on this new digital environments.

If you like this idea and would like to be involved I welcome you to join our announcement list and receive our updates. SHiFT will be made by people and for people, meaning that every opinion will count, but I’ll save the details for later! 😉