I’ve always been a strong believer in user generated content, a believer about the opportunities it creates and the emergent revolution it’s already pushing forward the away we look at traditional media.

Following a conversation some months ago with Ze Nuno I decided to give a try to one of his suggestions and downloaded Democracy (the player component from the Participatory Culture Foundation for their Internet TV Platform) and give it a try:


Several months later, I confess I’m still pretty much surprise with the quantity and quality of the videos one can find there. It’s hours and hours of pure entertainment, very few, or less institutionalized content, which is good, but of course no all programs are good, one has to have some sense of taste for some of them!!

Rocket BoomOne the other hand, some (who can resist Amanda?) of the shows have already collected such a large audience that they’ve made their way into Wired (which by the way is running a very interesting article this month about The Online Video Explosion).

For those of you who haven’t tried democracy, I recommend you to try it, consider it your newsreader/rss reader for video. 😉