BarCamp Portugal - Eu Fui

Well, I must confess it was the most refreshing event in Portugal for the last couple of years, and simply for that, thank you Fred and all the WeBreakStuff team for organizing everything!
It was an impressive networking event, we talk about so many different things that would be impossible to write about them all here, so I just leave here a short list about the main projects and ideas we talked about during this barcamp:

It’s impressive what happens when people just sit down, take some time off, talk, share ideas, ask for advices, freely advice and criticize other projects/ideas! Regardless of what most of the portuguese tend to think, ideas just work like that, they blossom and tend to give way to a bunch more ideas, which I think that was the best achievement of this BarCamp.

I’ve met quite a bunch of new people, interesting people with interesting ideas! The main idea was summarized by Fred during his presentation: “we shouldn’t have fear of failing“. To fail is human, and failling is the best learning process we have. By failling we’re not just learning what lead us to failure we’re also learning a whole on how to procede on a next opportunity.

Having this in mind, it’s more than time that we here in Portugal drop the (easy) critic position and just take a part on this web 2.0 idea. Which as many people tend to think has nothing to do with the rounded corners or the gradients as we all laugh about! The “new” web is about the birth of new projects, new ideas, remix of “old” ideas and procedures, as Thomas put it during Reboot, we’re talking about a “New Renaissanse” here…
For all the BarCamp participants, one thing is for sure, not only we’re going to repeat it, you’re sure going to hear a whole lot more from all of us there! 😉