Miguel just sent me the email alerting to it, but I couldn’t resist to actually write about it here, Sun just release what seems to be a self contained portable datacenter:

Sun Blackbox

After today, you’ll never look at an ordinary shipping container quite the same way again. Project Blackbox is a prototype of the world’s first virtualized datacenter–built into a shipping container and optimized to deliver extreme energy, space, and performance efficiencies.

Designed to address the needs of customers who are running out of space, power and cooling, Project Blackbox gives customers a glimpse into the fast, cost-effective datacenter deployments coming in the near future–where thinking out of the box means putting an IT infrastructure in a box.

I can’t stop thinking about the whole list of possibilities for its use, from war conflicts to international aid missions there’s a whole lot of situations to choose from. I actually haven’t read the policies of its use,if its just a demo product or something to be used only by Sun, but one thing is for certain, these are indeed great times, one we can already pack an entire datacenter into a container box.


Check out some more use scenarios Sun just put up online for its use.