During LIFT, Henriette and I had this idea of making a prank video for Laurent, LIFT’s main organizer, and mostly I believe responsible for its impressive organization and success (more on that later). Henriette did all the editing the recordings needed, and as Tryne-Maria commented on her post, it’s soooooo easy to manipulate reality, just check this video on Youtube:

after we shot that one, and on our way to Lausanne, I’ve recorded one that ended up being entitled “Lost in Lausanne“, edited once again by Henriette:

the video just got us the following statement from Bruce Sterling:

(((It’s kind of endearing just how *intensely* geeky European geeks are. I’ve seen some rawboned Texan web 2.0 blogger geeks at SXSW Interactive who look all polished and cosmopolitan and sophisticated compared to these adorable Euro-Swiss LIFTer characters.)))

Some years have passed since I started actually doing video recordings, so it was in fact Henriette responsibility to get me plotting and recording again, so behare, I guess you’re gonna see much more of this poping up, like in reallllll soon…