UPDATE: I took some pictures during the Barcamp and posted them on my Flickr account.

BarCamp PortugalJust a quick reminder that the second Barcamp Portugal is taking place this weekend in Coimbra! The hard work of organizing it was once again the work of the WeBreakStuff team, so a special thanks to them for it!

For those of you guys that never took place in one, don’t let this one pass you by, the Barcamp are particular interesting for networking. Barcamp’s informality is well renowned and the fact that there’s no prior schedule or program kind of leaves us, the attendees, all somehow responsible for it’s success!

I think the original ground rule of the Barcamp was PARTICIPATE, meaning everyone attending had to present about something, doesn’t had to technical or meaningfull either, but everyone had to present something. Knowing the portuguese quarter a little bit, I’ll know we’re certain to find the usual suspects speaking, but I take this opportunity to reinforce the open invitation for participation, I personally I would love to hear less of the usual suspects, where I include myself! 😉

If you’re interested, but nevertheless can’t afford to be there for some reason, please refer to the BarCamp Wiki page, there you’ll find all the updated information, presentations and scary pictures that took place there.