The Web2Expo Berlin Tracks have been unleashed. Just by looking at the tracks, I can already guess that’s going to be a very special and unique conference in terms of tech conferences around Europe. Web2Expo will cover five different tracks:Web2Expo Berlin

The tracks session list is so large and covers so many interesting subjects, that the hard job is going to be choosing which ones to attend to. A special note for which I’m really glad is that we’ve managed to get some portuguese representations in there: Fred (WeBreakStuff) is going to moderate the panel “Moving from 1.0 to 2.0: Philosophies and Structures for Change” and I’ll be presenting “Conversational Design“:

Once we progress from the User Centered Design to Community Centered Design we’ll need to identify and gather a similar set of best practices regarding it’s Community design. This presentation collects more or less the key features and interactions that a successful Community should display in order to empower their users and facilitate conversation between its members.

This presentation aims to be a bridge between Usability Best Practices and Community Centered Design, a practice that can maximize the networking and crowd effect under online user communities.

Web2Expo will also include a Foo/BarCamp style event that’s being organized by Nicole Simon entitled Web2open which will blend pre-scheduled content with an open grid where the attendees can fill in sessions they either want to discuss or present themselves. It certainly going to be a unique space to connect with other attendees, learn more about elements of Web 2.0, and share their knowledge and experiences.

So if not before, see you in Berlin, next November! 😉