UPDATE: check my (unreviewed) notes here.

Rails Conf Europe 2007If all goes as planned, from Monday to Thursday I’ll be at the RailsConf Europe in Berlin.

For people wondering what I’m talking about:

Ruby On Rails is a programming framework for building database-driven websites which is becoming increasingly popular among programmers, mainly because its easy and yields results quickly, requires minimal configuration and project start-up overhead. Rails is written in Ruby, an object-oriented scripting language with roots in Perl, Lisp, and Smalltalk (2 of my personal favorites out of 3!).

So if you’re around Berlin during these days, please send me a mail and will meet up!

For all the friends and Rubists who couldn’t make it to Berlin, I’ll going to cover it here on the blog, (in Portuguese primarily) as much as I can! 😉