First and foremost a Disclaimer: Who hasn’t ride one, doesn’t comment for now, unless if it’s for asking to try it out. Trust me, it’s the best approach! 😉

And now the story! Me and Patrícia just lost our minds and decided to buy two Segways. The first has arrived by a lucky strike last Friday!

Segway i2

The intro is short and for those who don’t know what the heck its a segway, to put it simply, a Segway it’s a Human Personal Transporter, something with a nifty name and that I assure we’re just starting to hear, but it will in our life span give a lot of conversation.

The Segway has been part of my dreams, for as long as the day Dean Kamen introduce it to the world as his “Ginger” project. At the time I found it amazing, and from the first images that I wanted to try it. Well it wasn’t exactly easy, even Patrícia tried it before I did, well she had actually tried a x2, the whole-terrain version, which I haven’t yet tried, so I guess she still leads the way! 😉

During a weekend in Porto, some weeks ago, while I searching online for some guided tours and what to visit on such short break, I found the amazing Porto Tours from Santiago and Mariza, and I have to honestly tell you that I really never expected it to be as amazing as it was! In fact 3 very special and unique 3 hours in my life. Best advice, if you don’t want to increase your expenses, don’t try it! All the rest, add a Segway ride to your personal list of things to accomplish before you die and start saving money!

It’s expensive, way expensive for the Portuguese income, but not all in this life can be bad, and sometimes, you just have to work for something that really drives you and makes you a little happier, something that might change all that’s coming for good!

So I just declare this post an open-invitation for try outs! 😀 Will all safeties ON, the helmet and me running aside, as a friend I am most delighted to let anyone that requests try-it out.

Next stage? Be able to commute every day for work riding it. In my case involves two separate tracks: home-train and train-office, besides all practicalities I still have to realize how can I store it while at the office.