I don’t recall ever writing about the movies I see on this blog, which is kind of weird considering I do see a lot of them (thankfully it’s one of the things I haven’t lost with all the work I’ve been under, I still manage to see a regular amount of films and series, even if its on my daily commute).

Das Leben Der Anderen‘ in the original name or the ‘Life of Others‘ (the well chosen english title that fits like a glove and thankfully have been simply translated in Portugal to the same exact phrase “A vida dos outros”) it’s definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen in my life. Following JP recommendation I managed to grab a copy of it on my local video rental this weekend, although it’s on my christmas shopping list already! The first minutes are all it takes to take you to a journey about privacy, conspiracy and the use of technology to actively achieve a conviction of someone, for something that he might eventually do…

Hauptmann Gerd Wiesler (Ulrich Muhe)

Reading the plot doesn’t really do the click, but trust me a bit and do take sometime to see it, you’ll definitely wanna see this one… I think it’s very well filmed, I’m sort of a fan of using still or almost still scenes. Having been in Berlin twice this year for the first time in my life and having a different sense of the present city, it’s astonishing the enclosure feeling that the movie actually pours. On a different perspective is also very refreshing to see non-english movies, kind of cleans up my buffer of all the Hollywood crap we end up watching… but about the life of others… the movie made me cry, but it also made me think of the fact that it’s easier and easier to track someone moves, the so called digital bread-crumbs just added the topping needed for the perfect surveillance dish, easier and cheapest than ever, which had obviously good and bad things attached to it.

The movie also reminded something that someone once said to me about people in general: nobody’s perfect, so if you look with inspecting eyes at someone, you won’t like what you see, which is why you shouldn’t!

It’s one of those truthful facts of life, but it’s still makes me feel somewhat depressed.. or as I see it it also gives me some faith for the future, at least the one I see… people tend to take me for naive or more simply put a faithful believer, but for some fact that remains to be explained I manage to see and focus on the good sides of people around me, which is one hidden secret that makes me enjoy pretty much everyday, if look carefully at someone best parts, you’ll discover someone extraordinary most of the times, doesn’t make them heroes, but it sure helps brighten up my days 😉