Britain’s Prince Charles gave a speech on Monday at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, and instead of actually be there, he actually used a 3-D holographic projection of himself, recorded last year in the United Kingdom:

It will take quite some time before it becomes a mass media, but it’s already interesting to see how much we’ve evolved in the holographic field. Also interesting, is the relation between the use of such technology and the environmental savings we can get from it, we could save quite a lot of unnecessary trips by using holographic projections instead of having the real person on site, truth is, one does not need to be there to make an impression, not to mention the absence of Jet Leg 🙂

It’s obviously not the real thing, it still lacks a bit more of quality I would say, but it’s still impressive hein?

Maybe in the future, conferences and talks will actually be leverage by the amount of present or holographic speakers?