As promised, here are the materials from the workshop I gave out yesterday at LIFT 08 about Online Communities Design Patterns. The presentation as I’ve said before is still a work in progress since I’ve started it for Web2Expo Berlin last November, so they share quite a lot in common.

If you’re interested, you can get the FULL VERSION of the presentation in PDF or you can simply watch the Design Patterns part on SlideShare (sorry, but the 30Mb limit on SlideShare wouldn’t let me post it in it’s full extent):

I’ve also prepared a Patterns Matrix that basically categorizes the patterns in four different classes that you can use to test or plan your own community according to the patterns use or misuse:

  1. Community Support Patterns: Registration, Login, Welcome Area , User Profile, Users Lists, Buddy’s List, Exit / Suspend;
  2. Group Support Patterns: Invitations, Shared Artifacts, Reputation, Voting;
  3. Communication Support Patterns: Messaging, Comments, Chat, Forums;
  4. Awareness Support Patterns: Neighbors, Activity Logs, Interactive User Info, TimeLine, Periodic Reports, Aliveness Indicator.

Mark Kuznicki took some pretty extensive notes from the workshop, so you might as well gave them a loon if you’re interested.

One special work to the crowd that actually stood up for the 3 hours the workshop took: Thanks 🙂