Going Solo conference for freelancers, May 16th, Lausanne (Switzerland).ATENTION: This is an urgent call to all Freelancers or freelancers wannabe’s out-there!

Stephanie Booth is putting up quite a conference completely oriented towards self employed people. Going Solo will take place in the beautiful city of Lausanne, on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, on 16th May 2008, registration has just open, so don’t wait longer… early-early bird prices close on the 17th of Februrary.

Although the program isn’t yet closed (it’s better this way trust me!) Stephanie has already posted a long list of topics that Going Solo webpage will address:

  • Skills: skills that all freelancers need: GTD, marketing, networking, contracts and cash flow
  • Rates: fixing prices, closing deals, negotiating contracts (the hardcore businessy stuff
  • Tools of the trade (what software/tools/methods can assist you as a freelancer?)
  • Partnerships: coworking and staying in touch with “colleagues”
  • Internationalization: international clients, travel, different laws and tax rules, accounting
  • Size: soloist or small business?
  • plus a lot more I’m sure… just keep checking the Going Solo webpage for updates

To keep the updates about Going Solo flowing in I’d suggest checking its Blog or subscribing it’s Twitter feed -> http://twitter.com/goingsolo.

Going Solo conference for freelancers, May 16th, Lausanne (Switzerland).