Leonel Moura MIT Artificial Life coverSome of Leonel Moura‘s works have made it to the covers of this years MIT Artificial Life magazine. The first one is out and features one of his works from the ‘Swarm Paintings‘ series.

Leonel is one of my favorite ‘Geek’ artist and so it’s expectable that I believe he is a man ahead of our time (and especially ahead of our country). Leonel gets to be my favorite simply because he manages to combine two things I really love: Artificial Intelligence & Robotics.

One of the things that really fascinates me on his works is the fact that he doesn’t simply combines them, he actually helps us visualize and feel the products of such combination, what he calls ‘Symbiotic Art‘. His works aren’t just something we get to see on a computer screen, they’re for real: real live sized canvas full of colors!

If you manage to take some time off in Lisbon I strongly recommend taking some time to check Leonel ARTe gallery in downtown Lisbon, if you’re not around you can always browse thru is portfolio and get a glimpse of his works.

Leonel was both a speaker at SHiFT 2006 and SAPO CodeBits last year.