Singularity 2008 will gather more than 100 of the world’s top web visionaries, developers, designers, thought leaders, and celebrities on what will be the very first large-scale online web conference in the world!

Singularity is an amazing idea by Aral Balkan, which many of us know from his open-source project SWX and other amazing works as Flash developer.

The idea is all about active networking and knowledge sharing, but one of Aral intentions will probably really make the difference! Aral wants to engage local groups to setup little singularities happening everywhere around the world at the same time and in parallel with the online event!

I’m so sold out to the idea that I’ve joined the speakers ranks and will be giving a presentation on my Community Design Patterns project:

Pedro Custódio @ Singularity 2008

You can keep an eye out for Singularity Blog or simply by joining the ranks at it’s Upcomming Group.

As a side note, just two very quick and interesting aspects of Singularity: 1) it will represent a screenshot of the Web in 2008 and 2) by saving so many flights it will be a very green conference right?