Offf 2008 LISBOAI’ve just got home, but my mind is still wondering on all the visual input it has been submitted today! It’s as if a part of my brain has just been upgraded to the speedy lane! It’s still wondering on fluid animations, particle simulations, typography, colors, dynamics…

Offf’s first day was impressive! And the funniest thing is that it all started the minute I parked my car! I was running late and didn’t even bothered to check the exact street of it, so I ended up arriving without a clue of the Offf’s venue place (exact) location! Once I got out from the parking lot and onto the street something remarkable happened, I noticed how some people in the plaza were moving towards a particularly tiny street, I decided to follow and this was the image that stayed with me until now of the very beginning… can quite explain but all people moving towards a same destination, impelled by a common desire (reach Offf as soon as possible 🙂 got imprinted in my mind as one of those compelling moments.

The first few minutes/hour didn’t go as expected, the sound was poorly distributed and at some point I could only feel that I was in class with Charlie Brown. Thankfully the day was just about to start and I certainly wasn’t ready for what would come next.

I’ll just take a few seconds to write a bit about some of my personal highlights of the day:

TYPEFACES PANEL – got a lesson about typography like I’ve hopping to get for a long, looooong time…

ERIC NATZKE – Eric’s presentation was the one who got me into the mood, I had barely arrived, got a few things from the typographic panel, and then BOOM… Eric started showing of his particles generators, than ribbons and waves and although my belly was begging for food my eyes and mind were drowning video compositions of generative art, amazing. I recorded two small videos from his presentation ending video:

Simply mind blowing!

JOSHUA DAVIS – a true case where the rumour doesn’t reach any close to the man. Joshua is an amazing and engaging speaker and even after all the nice things I had heard about him and his work, I confess I had a great time during is presentation and after an hour I was definitly begging for more! Joshua work is inspiring and some of the gold rules with which he ended his presentation are still echoing on the back of my mind.

The Mercadillo idea is amazing and I’m even surprised how I hadn’t seen it in other kind-of/alike events. Managed to spend some money and regret for not having more with me at the time. Spoted a Buddha Machine’s and a great 1976 t-shirt that I hope to get tomorrow…

It’s funny, but I’m really eager for tomorrow… 🙂