logo_offf.gifOfff first day was so amazingly intense the the second day gone thru lightning fast and as I start writing this notes I’m already about half of the third day, so I just decided to sum all my notes from this two last days in one post.

KarlssonWilker – this guys made me have one of the best laughable moments of OFFF, their trip to Serbia and the whole plot around them was and is movie material! Jesus, how wrong can you be when you first overlook a project. One of the things I liked about them, was the way they started and addressed the ‘bumps’ on the road, the shortness of ‘resources’ and how they creatively resolved each of them. You can see their work here, and one of you’ll probably recognize immediately is the MTV orbs:


Andy Cameron (interviewed by Régine Debatty) – Andy’s work precedes him, but his mostly known this days by being the creative director of Fabrica (the Benetton research center in Treviso, Italy). One of the things that got my attention was his idea about collaborative art works and getting people to participate in their works, his idea of augmented spaces and the overall idea of how playfulness is THE primary form of interaction really make a lot of sense and I confess he just made it to may Playful Interactions presentation that I’ve been working on. Régine blogged about her interview here, so if you’d like to know a bit more I strongly recommend it’s reading.

Although I actually enjoyed the Interaction Design Panel I honestly think they got the name of panel wrong, should have been Interactive Design Panel and not Interaction Design, since there’s a great gap between Interaction and Interactive 😉

Some of the works presented were really interesting, Andreas Muller (Nanika) presentation, he talked and show several amazing ideas for dynamic and interactive visualizations where people can take part of the images and have some control over what they’re watching. I found particularly interesting his work’s for Nokia with the moving (ephemera) messages. One other project I liked in his presentation was his idea of teaching a computer how to draw, Andreas coded a program – Hana that allows the computer to draw flowers without any bitmap whatsoever, and the final result is something of amazing!


Rob Chiu, Chris Hewitt and Ben BoysenWOW!!!! ok… and then again WOW.. this guys rock! They work separately from each-other and they still manage to have some amazing work, It’s hard to actually write about any of their projects I think I really enjoyed them all, but there’s one that really got me, Rob’s work about the refugees – ‘Black Day to Freedom‘:


and the ‘all things fall part‘ movie is pure talent (click to see it!)


One interesting thing I found out later going thru their blogs was they were the ones who did the amazing video for the SF FOWA that everyone was amazed by. 🙂

Fallon, responsible for the amazing Sony Bravia’s color campaign videos had a very interesting presentation (pity they didn’t cite the sources of some of their slides – Steven Johnson and his TV shows networks theory for example), nevertheless I really liked their presentation and in particular their 4 rules to get GOOD ideas:

  1. Find the right problems to solve
  2. Make Space
  3. Find the skills you might not have
  4. Keep the Faith

The all presentation seem to evolve around ideas which makes sense since their business is all about getting good ideas or they wouldn’t be a creative agency right? Some interesting aspects of this presentation was how some of the best ad campaigns they had reallllly relied on the web as a distribution channel achieving strength as never before.

MiniVegas was one of the most amazing projects I’ve seen in all OFFF, they’ve managed to create a system that allows for real time video interaction. They showcased several examples of it’s use, namely the S4C interlude messages, where the pitch of the speaker voice actually changed the video you’d see, so each message actually randomize a video scene making it different every-time! Nothing like having a look at it (click to see some demos):


Offf is off by the time I’m finishing up this post, but I’m really looking forward for next year edition, it certainly wasn’t low on expectations and it it managed to surprised me with all the amazing ideas and works that I got from it, to all the organizers a bit THANK YOU!