This past year was, hum… different to say the least.

The Quality and Usability project that I’ve been delivering at SAPO turned out to be much more than I can dreamed about, both in learning and work return. Truth must be told that I’ve exhausted myself in work, and the rest didn’t exactly follow along: neither financially, nor in personal terms. By taking more work I’ve not only lost the financial ability to provide extra income to my family but I’ve also reduced the amount of quality time I allocated to personal and family matters. If it wasn’t something that I’ve come to realize that I love to do, I’m sure that I had drop it long ago.

Some sort of change was in order, which is good, you need to constantly find what’s bugging you and fix it! I’m used to change, it’s something I’ve learned during this past 12 years working on the web: how to cope with change!

For those who truly know me, know for a long time that I’ve dreamed and wished to work abroad for a longtime, but they also know that for almost as long I’ve fought that need in a more or less idealistic way (trust me all the odds financially and of opportunities always pointed the other way around). I’ve stayed and worked against all odds in Portugal.

Today I’m faced with the inevitable, I’ve received what I consider a life changing proposal and for the sake of myself and my family I can’t simply look the other way around and pretend that nothing happened as has happened before… result I’m now filled with doubts and reasonings about why I should and shouldn’t take it, why I should and shouldn’t move abroad!

One thing is certain today, 2008 ends in a changing chapter… and 2009 seems like an endless list of possibilities! Starting with the question of should I stay or should I go? 🙂