WOW!!! What an year!!

The year started on a Segway, two interviews: one for Público a national newspaper and a second one for the national tv channel news, both about my daily ramblings on segway on my way to work.

I guess it’s normal that I feel a bit exhausted by this year end, never in my life traveled so much: Milan, Geneva (2x), London, Funchal, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, not considering the inside Portugal traveling and the car trip to Spain during the summer vacations.

Looking back at 2008, it’s probably also the year that I’ve worked harder and accomplished more, I started the year by changing roles inside SAPO, headed the quality and usability project for the entire project, which was something that I LOVED doing, the results are good I guess, but I’ve come to realize that neither me, nor the project could cope with such pace, so a change was needed. I delivered a bunch of public presentations: Usability & Quality, (Almost) Free Usability Testing, Playful Interfaces, Mind the Gap, Forms 101.

Celebrated my 6th year (happily) married! :O

With summer came the Spanish journey and with it the discovery of a big part of our own and ancient history as a nation, we took (almost) two weeks discovering and visiting a big part of the Castile & Leon region in Spain by car, visited a lot of unique places, fall in love with Burgos & Salamanca and camped by Picos de Europa. Even managed to be filmed for a promotional video for the spanish turism hehehe

I became 32! As a present, my doctors assured me that the health issue (crises) that started in 2007 had passed by! Best gift possible! Plus earned an Ice Cream maker, which was the second best gift, considering how addicted I am for ice creams.

Started going to the gym on a regular basis (+3 times per week).

A lot of this year’s spare time was spent planning and delivering SHiFT 2008, which an amazing set of people that joined the project this year. By the end of it and apart from the typical problems we had something in mind already: 2009, so I’m hopeful for the future regarding SHiFT as well.

With November we all realized that Yes We Can!
Even the birth of M., daughter of A. & J. showed me that anything is possible if there is enough energy and love! She was born under extreme conditions (520g) and against all odds she’s still fighting as we speak and showing us what life is all about while still warming up our hearts to see her grow by the day.

Celebrated a true Christmas Eve at our place surrounded by a big part of the family, apart from the planning and cooking for 12, it was probably the best Christmas Eve in years!

My movie(s) of the year: Into the Wild
My music of the year: School Of Kraut – Peter Bjorn and John
My book of the year: Ten Faces of Innovation

Don’t know what 2009 has in store for all of us…
but I’ve witness incredible progresses in the past eyers and I honestly believe that we are on the verge of something incredible important, wether by the advances in biotech, robotics, artificial intelligence and neurosciences or simply by the world climate changes, one thing is certain, all combined will inevitably pressure us to change, let’s just hope that in time!

Wishing all os you and me an extreme and filled 2009.
See you all next year!