Wow… I knew 2008 had been an outstanding year in terms of work and travel, but it was only looking to the report Dopplr compiled and sent me, was when I truly realized how special the year was! Even without all trips being covered on the following image, it already gives a pretty nice view of how busy I’ve been:

Picture 3.png

Dooplr added some interesting data to my personal report, just by curiosity I seem to have travelled 8% of the distance to moon, hehe?

Picture 4.png

P. won’t be as happy when she realizes that I’ve spent 55 days away from home, OK, not all of them were away from her, vacation days are included 😉 but 55 days!! Really?

Picture 7.png

With all the traveling I would expect my carbon print to be worst than it is:

Picture 8.png

Although I’ll certainly need to reduce it in 2009!