Wow… I’ve just had probably the 2 most crazy weeks in my live and all because I was relocating from Portugal to Germany, so Where should I start…

Map tracing my relocation from Setúbal, Portugal to Düsseldorf, GermanyI’ve moved to Düsseldorf this Saturday, together with P. and Isis (our samoyed dog), we had a very peaceful trip here, don’t know if because of the stress from the past two weeks and everything having come together to that day, or (and this actually helped a lot) for the fact that we flew in with Lufthansa, which provided an excellent service, true, still quite expensive when you compared to other companies (especially the low cost ones) but still much above average quality of its partner and my usual choice TAP (but more on this choice) later on!

Unfortunately we weren’t able to say goodbye to a lot of dear friends, urgent family matters on the very last week of our staying in Portugal, sort of broke our plans for unsuspected visits, but I hope they know who they are and know how much we care for them! 😉

We’re living in the Talstraße in Friedrichstadt, extremely close to the city center and the old town where I’m working, a fact that allows me to walk to work every morning since yesterday! Something of unique value which I wasn’t really able to have ever back in Portugal.

Dusseldorf is at first look a very international city, there’s pretty much all major international stores (even MUJI has a store here), just choose what food you’ll like to eat and you’re most probably very near some place to get it!

Vodafone HQ in Düsseldorf I’ve started working for Vodafone yesterday, which means that I haven’t yet had much sightseeing or shopping. I had been here before in december and mid-februrary, but on neither of this trips I had the time to actually do sightseeing, I did like the few things I managed to see on each of those trips, almost enough to know that I would like to leave here. As soon as we registered as living citizen, me and P. received each a Düsseldorf Welcome Pack, completed with living informations and vouchers for such a variety of things from museums to transports, unique and priceless information! 🙂

Even with all the help from Vodafone in our relocation process, not everything is heaven when you consider moving to a rented apartment and another country, for instance our connectivity and mobile availability is still limited for these days, so if you can’t reach us, just leave us an email 😉

I’ve been taking some pictures on the first days, and I’ll be uploading them gradually to my flickr account along the coming days! 😉


And if you’re around let us know, it’s always nice to have friends around!