There are a lot of differences between Portugal and Germany obviously, but today I came across Prof. Leonard Waverman, Professor of Economics of the London Business School, Connectivity Scorecard, which measures how communication networks are used to enhance productivity and growth.

According to this scorecard, Portugal and Germany present as expected different connectivity levels:

PortugalConnectivity.png  GermanyConnectivity.png

According to the study, Portugal ranked high on the 3G penetration as well as the Government infrastructure (especially the school related one) but it’s lagging behind when considering business infrastructure and the deployment and building of the next generation networks, which is all summed and compared to the best performing country in the graphic below:


In Germany the setting is quite the opposite having high scores on almost all business/government levels, but having some unimpressive consumer scores that basically seem to be holding everything else behind. As a newly arrived ‘Ausländer’ I can attest that the majority of consumer based internet offers seem for lack of other word lagging behind most of the ones I had back in Portugal, which I wasn’t really expecting.


To read the full reports on this, and other countries, just follow to the Connectivity Scorecard website: