Don’t really know how we managed, but finally after 17 days living in Germany we managed to have our juicy internet connection flowing at home!


Thanks to help from B. and L. and an awful lot of google translations! The installation process was more or less simple and straightforward. What I didn’t knew was that the best part as always was saved to the very end!

Today after the technician from the Deutsche Telekom got the DSL line working, the only piece missing was to call the Q-DSL customer support to activate the router. Pretty simple right? Well, it would be if the support line girl spoke a work of english, which she didn’t! Needless to point out that my current affair with the German language has yet to prove useful!

So here’s the setting? Myself, a laptop and a 3G phone (Thanks B.!)… Ah! And google translate! Yes, Google translate on live conversation!

The result? P. rolling on the floor laughing, and a call center girl speechless! I’m praying as we speak, that our conversation wasn’t recorded, otherwise it will certainly find it’s way to the internet!

In the end, everything went fine, but only 15 minutes later (probably the time they needed to recover from my previous call) with a callback from the customer support line, this time with a helpful english speaking German guy that helped me getting connection working at last!

So for the patience, Thank You Q-DSL! 😀
It was really priceless, even to me!