Karma points hit the road?

I often joke about how some drivers seem to behave as if playing a computer game, they drive without much consideration on their (or others) safety. And it’s not just a Portuguese problem, although Portugal scores pretty high on the road accidents caused or related with excessive speed.

Today I came across this 2007 research project ‘Pay as you speed‘ by a team from the Aalborg University. The project seems to reverse the traditional rules for the drive playing game we see everyday: the MORE secure are your driving habits = the LESS points you earn, and obviously less points => less money you PAY! . And when money is part of the equation we’re all for the savings, which makes the idea pretty good! 🙂


A glimpse to the project description, one can see that the system depends on having an onboard unit (cell + GPS + screen) meaning that to some extent there’s a degree of losing some privacy, and having our paths/driving habits tracked somewhere. Considering the daily rate of deaths on the road, here’s a situation where I’ll for losing privacy, if it means as it seem, that we’re all going to be a bit safer!